Klaas Verpoest.

The artistic oeuvre of Klaas Verpoest has its finality only intangible unstable carriers and mainly in the performing arts. Klaas Verpoest, is active as a video-performer in numerous multi-modal improvisation performances.

2×2, SichtLaut, SichtLaut Pigment, Long String(s), Augenblick, are some of the performance projects in which he participates. The combination and confrontation of multiple media through improvisation is the basis upon which the performers assume a fundamental equality of the components, sound, image, moving image and motion. The improvisational flexibility of the visual arts component, the musical component, the sonic contribution of the dancers and the movement of all participants, makes these performances unique. Since 2008, Klaas Verpoest has worked with many international performers both in Belgium and internationally.


Working as a video-performer in improvisation performances results in an unique encounter with written [contemporary] classical music.

Klaas Verpoest is not looking for a concrete visual translation of the composition, but he uses the different parameters of the composition and brings them together into a singular generative abstract image, which may be seen as an idiosyncratic visual response to the interpretation of the composition. The aim is to create an experience that at times illustrates a clear synergy between the picture and the sound – and at other times a strong contrast between these two experiences. Klaas Verpoest has been realizing live video graphics since 2006 for various [contemporary] classical compositions.

Finally, there is a strong typographic component present in the work of Klaas Verpoest. In the various literary productions he created since 2006, he explores through kinetic typography how the dynamics, musicality and layout that of contemporary poetry can be translated into tangible media, without compromising the lyrical sensibilities of the work.


Concerts with Klaas Verpoest.
20:00 Mothers' Grief
't Zand 34, 8000 Bruges.
15:00 Mothers' Grief
Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp.
20:00 Mothers' Grief
Muziekcentrum de Bijloke.
J. Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Gand.