Osama Abdulrasol.

Osama Abdulrasol is an Iraqi qanun player and composer. He was born in Babylon, as a descendant from a very religious family. Because music was forbidden at home, Osama had to learn music in secret all his young life. Obsessed as he was with music, he started studying it virtually (from books, just in his mind). Till he left Iraq as an adult, he never even could afford buying a music instrument. His father never knew that Osama became a professional musician.


As a young boy, Osama became fascinated by the quran recitals that he heard on the television, in the mosques, & in the streets. He then became so eager to discover as much as possible about music, that he listened to every type of music he could. He listened on a small dictaphone to everything from Paganini to Pat Metheny without realizing the huge difference in style. Later it would become one of his talents as a composer, to write new music without paying too much attention to borders or frames.


In his hunger for music he discovered jazz. When he went to Baghdad to ask in small music stores about it, the records seller gave him a cassette, with the title ‘Jazz’, written in Arabic - without names, or a title. It was only 20 years later, in Belgium, during a concert, that Osama would realize that it was a recording of Toots Thielemans.


The young Osama played every instrument he could get his hands on: starting with accordion, going to violin, oud and guitar – playing classical, folk, rock and heavy metal on it. Not satisfied by that, he learned to play the clarinet and the saxophone – at least, until his reeds were finished and he discovered that there were no places in Iraq were you could buy new reeds.


It was only when he left Iraq, that he discovered the Arabic harp or qanun, one of the most ancient instruments. He learned to play this complicated instrument all by himself, and soon they became inseparable. He then settled down as a musician and started his career as a qanunplayer and composer.


Obliged to leave Iraq, Osama came to Belgium. The cultural and musical diversity in Europe, with so many influences and possibilities opened a totally new world for him, and very soon he started working with different musical personalities as Goran Bregovic, Claron McFadden, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Lucilla Galeazzi, Roby Lakatos, Assala Nasri, Lula Pena, Wannes Van de Velde and many more.


The young Iraqi boy thus became a cosmopolitan, and plays almost everywhere in the world, both as a soloist and guest, or with his own ensembles.


The city of Ghent, his new home, awarded him in 2013 with the Cultural Prize him for his extraordinary musical personality and his cultural achievements.

Concerts with Osama Abdulrasol.
20:00 A better place
Muziekcentrum de Bijloke.
J. Kluyskensstraat 2, 9000 Gand.
20:00 A better place
't Zand 34, 8000 Bruges.
15:00 A better place
Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp.