Mission statement

Mission statement Flanders Symphony Orchestra.


Flanders Symphony Orchestra is a professional, entrepreneurial symphony orchestra, which is young at heart and made up of about sixty first-class, committed and passionate musicians. With world-class soloists, Flanders Symphony Orchestra offers performances and creations of contemporary work, as well as stylish interpretations of the established symphonic repertoire from the Classical period onwards.


Flanders Symphony Orchestra aims to make classical and contemporary music accessible to a broad, diverse audience. Thanks to its bold choices and daring programming, the orchestra ensures that every single concert is a unique experience. Furthermore, it endeavours to deliver outstanding interpretations and performances. The orchestra believes that the cultural offering should be suitably complementary, and is a loyal partner to regional and international cultural institutions.


Flanders Symphony Orchestra wants to make an ever more significant contribution to cultural education and youth work in Flanders. The orchestra plays an exemplary role in creating opportunities for young, talented composers, soloists and conductors from both at home and abroad.