Flanders Symphony Orchestra is auditioning for

a first violin solo and a first violin tutti.

Flanders Symphony Orchestra is a professional, entrepreneurial symphony orchestra, which is young at heart and made up of about sixty first-class, committed and passionate musicians.
With world-class soloists, Flanders Symphony Orchestra offers performances and creations of contemporary work, as well as stylish interpretations of the established symphonic repertoire from the Classical period onwards.

Flanders Symphony Orchestra has a unique and flexible orchestral model: every year, our musicians receive a seasonal contract for the productions for which they are to be engaged. The contract contains a highly detailed description of the services expected of the musician.


Date and location

Monday 12 June 2017
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke – Bijlokekaai 7, 9000 Gent.


Closing date for applications: Monday 22 May 2017
Scores and practical information will be sent upon receiving your application.

Flanders Symphony Orchestra
Westmeers 74
8000 Brugge
+32 050 84 05 87


Please add a recent CV to your application.

Foreign musicians are friendly requested to send a work permit with their letter of application.

Please mind: we offer a framework contract consisting of several temporary contracts per production. This contract system enables you to combine your position in our orchestra with other job activities.




Round 1 (behind screens)

  • W.A. Mozart - Violin concerto 3, 4 or 5 (movement 1 without cadenza).
  • Selection tutti orchestra excerpts


Round 2
Selection tutti orchestra excerpts (for every candidate)

  • L. Van Beethoven. Symphony n° 5. Movement 1.
  • J. Brahms. Symphony n° 2. Movement 1 + 2.
  • J. Brahms. Symphony n° 4. Movement 4.
  • W.A. Mozart. Symphony n° 39. Finale Allegro.
  • F. Mendelssohn-Bartoldy. Midsummer Night’s Dream n° 1. Scherzo.
  • I. Stravinsky. Firebird.
  • E. Elgar. Enigma Variations. Variation n° 2.


Selection solo orchestra excerpts (only for the candidates who apply for the solo position)

  • J. Brahms. Symphony n° 1. Movement 2.
  • G. Mahler. Symphony n° 4. Movement 2.
  • R. Korsakov. Capriccio Espagnol. Movement 3 + 4.
  • R. Strauss. Metamorphoses. Violin 2.
  • P.I. Tchaikovsky. Suite Swan Lake. N° 4.

Round 3
Quintet with the principals:

  • W.A. Mozart Symphony n° 39. Movement 1.