Djordje Radevski


Djordje Radevski finished The Secondary Music School, now in II year at The Faculty of Arts in Nis.



He is the recipient of prestigious prizes: . I prize at The International Competition Davorin Jenko, Belgrade, 2009. Grand Prix at the same competition, 2007. Grand Prix of the Republic Competition, Belgrade, 2009. Grand Prix of The International Competition Josip Slavenski, Belgrade and I Prize The Republic Competition, Belgrade, 2010. Grand Prix of The IC for Young Pianists, Nis, 2011 I Prize at The Republic Competition, Belgrade, 2012. I Prize at The International Competition for Young pianists, Nis and III Prize at The International Piano Competition Great Teachers Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Special Prize for the most perspective young pianist, 2012. III Prize at The 45th International Piano Contest Virtuosi Per Musica di pianoforte Ústí nad Labem, The Czech Republic and I Prize and Special Prize at The 46th competition in 2013, 2012. III Prize at The VI International Piano Competition A.D. Artobolevskaya, Moscow, 2013. II Prize at The International Piano Competition Great Teachers, Bulgaria, 2014. III Prize at The 7th International Competition Isidor Bajic Memorial, Novi Sad, 2016. III Prize at The International Competition for Young Pianists in memory of Vladimir Horowitz, Kiev, Ukraine. He performed with The Symphonic Orchestra of Nis, The Athens Sinfonieta and The Youth Philharmony Pioneer, Sofia.


Since september 2016 he is artist in residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, under the direction of Louis Lortie.

Concerts with Djordje Radevski.
thu 07.06, 20:00
Concertgebouw, Bruges
fri 08.06, 20:00
St. Johns International School, Waterloo
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sun 10.06, 15:00
deSingel, Antwerp